Asheville High Bands Groups

Marching Band

Banner in 2014 Holiday Parade

The Asheville High School Marching Band is comprised of band students grades 9-12.  The Marching Band performs at football games, competitions, and parades.

The Marching Band at Asheville High School is designated for all band students during the fall semester unless they place into Wind Symphony and choose not to march. This group will perform at every Friday night home football game and some away football games. They will also participate in marching band competitions on select Saturdays. There will be rehearsals during and after school as a part of the curriculum for marching band. There is no audition for the hornline in this ensemble. Students who wish to participate in colorguard or drumline must audition in May. Every member is required to submit a commitment form in May in order to secure a spot in this group.

Concert Band

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The Concert Band is designated for all freshmen band members in the spring semester. The band will begin to establish fundamental techniques in this ensemble that will be used throughout the remainder of their high school band experience.

There is no audition for the ensemble. Students must have complete middle school band in order to sign up for this course. This group will perform in Music Performance Adjudication as well as concerts throughout the school year.

Asheville High School Symphonic Band

The Asheville High Symphonic Band is made up of musicians in grades 9-12.  In the fall this group is part of the Marching Band, and during the spring they form a concert band. This group performs on the winter holiday concert and the spring concert at the end of the year. They will also perform at any other events that arise throughout the year.

The Symphonic Band is designated for students who have one year of experience in band or more in the spring semester. This band focuses a large amount on fine tuning the techniques and foundations that were established in concert band. This ensemble requires no audition.

Asheville High School Wind Symphony

The Asheville High Wind Symphony is the premier ensemble at Asheville High School. The  AHS Wind Symphony is an auditioned ensemble made up of students in grades 10-12. These students perform in four major concerts a year.  The AHS Wind Symphony has a tradition of excellence as they have received 44 consecutive superior ratings in Grade VI literature at the WNC Music Performance Adjudication.

It consists of advanced musicians who wish to further improve their skills on a particular instrument through ensemble training. An increased knowledge of musical literature, genre, technique and performance is emphasized in this class. This course is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. This group performs in Music Performance Adjudication as well as concerts and events throughout the school year. Private lessons are encouraged. Students who wish to enroll in this class may do so through audition only.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band at Spring Concert 2015
Jazz Band at Spring Concert 2015

The Jazz Band is an extracurricular ensemble. Auditions will be held the 3rd week of October. This group will perform at concerts and school assemblies throughout the year as well as many community events.

Steel Drum Band

Jazz Band at Spring Concert 2015
Steel Drum Band

The Asheville High Steel Drum Band, Cougar Steel, is an auditioned group that meets on Thursdays after school. They play traditional island music as well as oldies and many other types of music. The band consists of leads, double seconds, cellos, bass, drum set, percussion and brake drum. This group plays on a variety of concerts as well as throughout the community.


The Asheville High School Colorguard performs with the marching band and consistently wins first place at marching band competitions.  The guard practices after school twice a week. Winterguard begins in November and goes through March.  The Asheville High School Winterguard has earned first place in their division at championships for the past two years. The groups are under the direction of Ashley Tetrault.

The Winterguard is an extracurricular activity in the spring that rehearses after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-7:30pm. This group is audition only. Any student, even those with no previous experience, may come to audition week. This group will compete on Saturdays throughout the spring semester.

Clarinet Choir

Clarinet Choir at Spring Concert 2015

The Clarinet Choir is an extracurricular ensemble that rehearses before school on Wednesdays from 7:45-8:25am. This ensemble is made up of any clarinetists in the band program who wish to participate. This group will perform at adjudicated festivals, concerts, and professional gigs throughout the year.

Asheville High School Brass Quintet

Brass Quintet

The Asheville High Brass Quintet is made up of the top players in the brass sections of all our groups .  This ensemble performs regularly for school events, community events, and weddings.

The Brass Quintet is an extracurricular ensemble that rehearses before school on Thursdays from 7:45-8:25am. This ensemble is made up of the top trumpet, French horn, trombone, and tuba players from the AHS Wind Symphony. This group will also perform at adjudicated festivals, concerts, and professional gigs throughout the year.