Band Camp 2019

Reminder: Band Camp is mandatory for all 2019 AHS marching band members!

2019 Band Camp Info Letter… 

Band Camp 2019 will take place during the weeks of July 29-August 2 and August 5-August 9, 2019.


Week 1 

Monday, July 29th– Leadership (Drum Majors, Captains, Section Leaders) (8:30am-1pm)

Tuesday, July 30th– Leadership, Percussion (Drumline & Front Ensemble) (8:30am-4pm)

Wednesday, July 31st– All Freshman, Percussion, Leadership (8:30am-4pm)

Thursday, August 1st– All Freshman, Percussion, Leadership (8:30am-4pm)

Friday, August 2nd– ALL BAND MEMBERS (8:30am-4pm)

Week 2

Monday, August 5th– All Band Members (8:30am-4pm)

Tuesday- August 6th- All Band Members (8:30am-8pm)
Wednesday- August 7th– All Band Members (8:30am-8pm)
Thursday- August 8th- All Band Members (8:30am-8pm)
Friday- August 9th- All Band Members (8:30am-5pm)
— 5:30pm Concert for parents

Band Camp needs Parent Volunteers

Please visit this link to see our volunteer needs…

All members should have the following ready to turn in on the first day of camp:

  1. Check/cash $100 (checks to AHSBA) for band dues.
  2. Check or cash for shoes. (No shoes will be ordered without payment.) Returning members: find your shoes and make sure they still fit!
  3. Other required forms: Student/Parent Agreement, Medical Release & Field Trip Travel Form, Marching Band Order Form) You will find these forms here…

Important: It will be hot! We will be outside most most days. You will need to protect yourself against heat/sun.

This includes having the following items:

  • Hat (preferably mesh)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 60+) — don’t forget to reapply!
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Comfortable Clothing (preferably light-colored)
  •  Water Bottle
  • Tennis Shoes/Sneakers & Socks (No flip flops, they are impossible to march in.)

Be like the drumline, dress for the heat (and for marching!)

Band Camp 2017 Pictures