Events for the week of 8/17/15

All marching band students need to have a three ring binder (1″ is fine) for their warm-up book by this Friday.  Please put your name on it as it is easy to mistake someone else’s things for your own if it is not labeled.
Here is the schedule of events for this week.
Wednesday, August 19th-First Day of School
-We will rehearse inside this day.
-Colorguard Practice after school, 4:30pm-7pm
Thursday, August 20th-AHSBA Executive Board Meeting, 6:00pm AHS Band Room
Friday, August 21st- FIRST PERFORMANCE!!! 🙂
-Big Siblings: Please remember to do something special!
-After School Practice, 3:30pm-5pm
-Dinner in Cafeteria, 5pm-6pm
-Call Time, 6pm in Band Room
-Students should wear jeans (with no holes), their band t-shirt, and tennis shoes
-PARENTS: After the game is over please wait for your child outside the band room.  It is incredibly crowded in the band room with 150 students.
-STUDENTS: Please do not bring any friends/siblings into the band room.  We barely have enough space for our own students and our rule is that only band students are allowed in the band room.  Please help us maintain this policy.
-EVERYONE is responsible for cleaning up the band room before you leave Friday night.  We must take care of our space. Parents, please plan on giving them a little time to take care of this before you pick them up.  If everyone contributes it shouldn’t take long.
Saturday, August 22nd-AHSBA Exec Board Retreat, 9am-1pm
Saturday, August 22nd-Zombie Moving Party! 2pm-5pm
-If you are available, please come help us transfer all of our haunted house materials from the trailer to our new storage container.  We will meet in the band room at 2pm. You should probably bring gloves….I’m pretty sure the zombies have been perspiring for the past 10 months!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to seeing everyone at Friday’s performance!
Emily Talley