Pre-Band Camp Message from Mr. Workman

Parents and Students, 

I have attached a few pieces of info for you. 
1st- PARENT LETTER– I have attached the parent letter for camp that Phyllis Engels and Jennifer Pearson have written to give you info about camp. They need volunteers for camp as well and that info is inside the letter. 
2nd- LIST OF STUDENTS TO CHECK– I have attached a list of exactly who I think is in the marching band and on what instruments. If you see something that is incorrect please let me know ASAP so that I can correct it. I will be sending this list to the drill writer and it’s important that we have the number of spots on the right instruments correct to start with. When we have to make changes later it cost us money because he has to literally re-write things and it takes more hours. Obviously, I do not know most of the students so it’s possible we have kids on wrong instruments and such and I’m just unaware unless you say something. 
3rd- FORMS– Here’s a link to the band camp forms Mr. Rennicks has put on the band website and the Facebook page in case you missed them:
4th- HALF TIME MUSIC  [links coming soon]– I am going to send Mr. Rennicks the music to post to the website this week. I will start with the Half Time Music but will hopefully have all of the new stands music, Pre-Game and such scanned in as well in one large pack per instrument so that you can go ahead and have it before camp starts. 
Thank you to the parents who have been working to make sure camp is set up, making sure finances are in place and are working to update info on the website and such. I’m used to doing 100% of this stuff by myself so I appreciate how organized the parents are here! Also, thank you to the kids who have been in and out this summer helping and visiting.