PRIDE: Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence

The Asheville High School Bands are under the direction of Rodney Workman, assisted by LaQuan Wiley. They have performed in many venues across the United States and in the Bahamas. Some of these performances include Disney World, New York City, Gatlinburg, and Georgia. The band also had the opportunity to perform for the Obama Campaign at Asheville High School. In 2013, the band won Grand Champion in the Inauguration Festival in Washington, DC and marched in the Inaugural Parade.

The mission of the Asheville High School Band Program is:

…to apprentice the developing musician toward a lifelong enthusiasm and love for music and its performance
…to create performance ready ensembles that use a variety of styles to entertain and engage an audience of all ages
…to develop a deep understanding of what music and its components entails
…to develop the musician where they understand the responsibility of the performance is theirs.

HomeIt is hoped and expected that each student will develop a “we/us” philosophy in the place of the “I” philosophy more prevalent in today’s society. This means that the welfare and good of the group should be placed ahead of selfish individual wants and desires. The values of self-discipline, hard work, teamwork, responsibility, and respect for others will be strongly emphasized in the AHS band program.